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Current & Upcoming Exhibits

D.D. and Velma Davis Education & Visitor Center
Hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 10 am – 5 pm

3/30 – 6/2
As Did Monet, Artists Paint the Landscape
Fellows Riverside Gardens – Weller Gallery
A cluster of artists may be seen painting in the landscape throughout surrounding counties. They are a meet-up outdoor artist group that originated out of the Davis YMCA art studio. Plein Air is the French term for open air painting. The group has evolved to nearly 80 members. Some favorite places are Mill Creek MetroParks, Beaver Creek State Park, Poland forest, sunflower fields, farms, old villages, apple orchards, ponds, creeks and more.

Meet the Artists: 5/4 | 1 – 3 pm

6/8 – 8/11
Nature’s Graces and Rural Places
by Jim Trombo
Weller Gallery
Regional photographer Jim Trombo will take you on an extraordinary journey through nature in his stunning images on canvas. Jim has spent his lifetime in Northeast Ohio and it clearly shows as he delves into the beauty and rural feel of this region in his work. Everything from rural locations and picturesque views to detailed compositions are all exquisitely captured and presented on canvas in a way that immediately invites you in.

Meet the Artist: 6/8 | 1 – 3 pm

8/17 – 10/13
Through the Lens by Bill Aubuchon
Weller Gallery
Experience Bill Aubushon’s collection of people, places and wildlife photographs were taken various locations around the world. The wildlife images were shot mostly in Florida. In most cases, the digital images receive little or no post processing. Bill tries to present actual images as they appeared at the moment of exposure. When he comes upon a scene that interest him, he visualizes the final image and then transfers that information to the camera via shutters speed, lens opening, ISO and composition to arrive at the images presented in this exhibit.

Meet the Artist: 9/8 | 1 – 3 pm

10/19 – 1/5/2020
Midwinter Memories in the Mahoning Valley
by the Mahoning Valley Historical Society
Weller Gallery

This exhibit will showcase 19th and 20th Century photographs from the archives of the Mahoning Valley Historical Society. These images feature breathtaking, snow-covered landscapes, downtown Youngstown decked for the holidays, people enjoying winter pastimes, and more.

Meet the Artist: TBD

Mill Creek MetroParks History
Fellows Riverside Gardens – Melnick Museum
The Melnick Museum offers the visitor a peek into the unique history of Mill Creek MetroParks. Look back and discover how Volney Rogers garnered property and how that land has grown into Mill Creek MetroParks. Learn about the generosity of Elizabeth Fellows that was the beginning of Fellows Riverside Gardens. And take time to learn about the early days of McGuffey and his boyhood homestead located in Coitsville and now known as the McGuffey Wildlife Preserve.

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