Boathouse Hours

Seasonal Hours Memorial Day Weekend – Labor Day Weekend
Lake Glacier Boathouse

Hours: Saturday & Sunday, 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
Lake Glacier Information: 330.740.7114 ext. 289

Lake Newport Boathouse
Currently Closed
Lake Newport Information: 330.740.7114 ext. 290

Please Note: boats must be ashore by 6:00 pm

Boating & Fishing

Boating is permitted on Lake Glacier and Lake Newport in Mill Creek Park. Boat rentals are available at Lake Glacier Boathouse from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day. Privately owned canoes, kayaks, and boats which comply with MetroParks regulations may be used on these lakes, March 1 – November 30.
MetroParks Boating Regulations PDF

Fishing in Park District waters is permitted in accordance with Ohio Division of Wildlife regulations from March 1  through November 30 of each calendar year. Fishing is permitted in all creeks, streams, lakes and ponds unless otherwise prohibited by the Park District.

Fishing licenses are required and officers are authorized to check for them. Foul-hooks are not permitted. For details about license requirements, the stocking program, and fish limits, visit the Ohio Division of Wildlife’s website at

For information on which waters are safe to fish from, which Ohio sport fish contain unsafe levels of contaminants such as mercury and PCBs, how to clean and prepare fish, where “no wading/no contact” signs may be posted, and other helpful information, please view the Ohio Sport Fish Consumption Advisory (FCA) PDF.

Lake Glacier
Boating and fishing are permitted in season on this 44-acre lake. Kayaks and pedal boats can be rented at Lake Glacier Boathouse on West Glacier Drive. A barrier-free fishing dock is located along West Glacier Drive. Boat racks are available.

Lake Newport
Lake Newport offers 60 acres of open water and 40 acres of wetlands. Boating and fishing are permitted in season. A boat launch is located on East Newport Drive. Boat racks are available.

Lake Cohasset
Lake Cohasset, the oldest of Mill Creek Park’s lakes, was built in 1897 and is known for its stately hemlocks. This 28-acre lake offers visitors a secluded place to view wildlife in their natural habitats. Boating is not permitted on Lake Cohasset, however fishing is permitted.

Other bodies of water where fishing is permitted:
Vickers Nature Preserve
Yellow Creek Park
MetroParks Farm Front/Back Pond
Mill Creek

Bodies of water where fishing is not permitted:

Lily Pond
Wildlife Sanctuary
Mill Creek Preserve

Boat Rentals

Must be an adult 18 years or older with ID for boat rental. Younger riders must be accompanied by an adult on the boat. Reservations for boat rentals are not necessary. Reservations for passenger boat charters are required, please call  330.740.7114 ext. 282.

One hour (minimum)
• $11 Resident
• $15 Non-Resident

Additional 1/2 hour (single or tandem)
• $5.50 Resident
• $8 Non-Resident

Second Person (tandem)
• $5.50 Resident
• $8 Non-Resident

Children under 16 years old are not permitted in single or tandem kayaks.

1/2 hour
• $5.50 Resident
• $8 Non-Resident

1 hour
• $11 Resident
• $15 Non-Resident

One hour (minimum)
• $11 Resident
• $15 Non-Resident

Additional 1/2 hour 
• $5.50 Resident
• $8 Non-Resident

Regular rides – Saturday & Sunday
• Child (12 & under) Resident: $1.00
• Child (12 & under) Non-Resident: $2.00
• Adult (over 12) Resident: $2.00
• Adult (over 12) Non-Resident: $4.00
• Babies in Arms: Free

Charter Per Hour – Reservations Needed, call 330.740.7114 ext. 282
Wednesdays – Sunday in season
Capacity: 9

• $15 Resident
• $30 Non-Resident

• $25 per rack/season
• $10 per additional boat per rack/season

Located at East Newport Boat Launch and Lake Glacier

Boat Rack Rental Application PDF