Hiking at Mill Creek MetroParks

MetroParks Bikeway (Located in Canfield and Austintown Townships) The MetroParks Bikeway runs from Western Reserve Rd. in Canfield Township to the Mahoning/Trumbull County Line in Austintown Township. This 11-mile paved trail is part of the Great Ohio Lake to River Greenway and offers a variety of scenery for hikers, skaters, and bicyclists. Parking is available at the MetroParks Farm and the Mahoning Ave. and Kirk Road Trailheads.

Trail video of MetroParks Bikeway

East Golf Hike & Bike Trail (Located in Mill Creek Park) The 1.5-mile East Golf Hike & Bike Trail runs from Route 224 to Shields Rd. and provides an asphalt surface for joggers, walkers, bikers, skaters, and in the snowy season—cross country skiers. Parking lots are located at each end of the trail and a pedestrian bridge across Mill Creek connects the trail with Golf Course amenities and additional parking. Restrooms, a drinking fountain, and an information kiosk are located on the trail.

East Golf Hike and Bike Trail Video

East Cohasset Trail is 1.2 miles long with views of Lake Cohasset and the Suspension Bridge. The trail is moderately difficult with slight grades.

Cohasset Trail Hiking Video

Artists’ Trail is 0.2 miles long with easy terrain along Mill Creek. The trail was named for its popularity with local artists.

Artists Trail Hiking Video

East Cohasset Hike & Bike Trail (Located in Mill Creek Park) This 1.5-mile asphalt surface drive is closed to motorized traffic and provides joggers, walkers, and bikers a scenic route above Lake Cohasset.

East Cohasset Hike and Bike Trail

East Newport Hike & Bike Trail (Located in Mill Creek Park) This one-way road is open to motorized traffic and has a 1.75-mile designated hike/bike lane. Views of Lake Newport, Newport Wetlands, and Daffodil Meadow will be enjoyed along this trail.

Slippery Rock Trail is a 0.4 mile trail with views of Mill Creek. The trail has easy terrain with steps near Old Furnace Rd.

Slippery Rock Trail Hiking Video

East Glacier Trail is a 0.8 mile trail with wildlife views and the Parapet Bridge. The trail is moderately difficult with hills.

East Glacier Trail Hiking Video

Yellow Creek Park (Located in Struthers) Foot trails only. Yellow Creek Park offers four challenging hiking trails. The historic site of the Hopewell Furnace is accessible by trail when the creek levels are low.

Mindy Henning Memorial Trail (Located at MetroParks Farm) Foot trails only. Hikers will enjoy a self-guided tour of this unique trail which winds through diverse habitats in cultivated and wild lands of a historic 400-acre farm.

McGuffey Wildlife Preserve (Located in Coitsville Township) Foot trails only. This 78-acre preserve offers mown trails through diverse habitat areas.

Vickers Nature Preserve (Located in Coitsville Township) Foot trails only. Hiking trails are available throughout Vickers Nature Preserve. These trails are also used as bridle paths.

Mill Creek Preserve (Located in Boardman Township) Foot trails only. About 2 miles of trails have been created through wetland and upland habitats allowing visitors to experience these habitats and the wildlife within them up close. Parking is available off of Western Reserve Rd.; there are no restroom facilities on-site.

Hiking Trail Map

Barrier-Free Trails

Albert E. Davies Wetland Trail
(Located in Mill Creek Park)
This barrier-free, 1/4-mile boardwalk leads visitors through the Newport Wetlands to an observation deck overlooking several deep water pools.

Virginia J. Axtmann Nature Trail For All People (Located in Mill Creek Park)
Located adjacent to the Ford Nature Center, this barrier-free, 1/4-mile paved trail winds through a forested area.

MetroParks Bikeway

East Golf Hike & Bike Trail