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Archived Proposal Requests

Mill Creek MetroParks is accepting vendor applications for Wick Recreation Area Food and Beverage Operation.

Mission Statement

The mission of Mill Creek MetroParks is to provide park, recreational, educational and open space facilities of regional significance. In fulfilling this mission our objectives are:

  • To be responsive to community needs
  • To be environmentally sound
  • To be adaptable
  • To be economically feasible


In an effort to efficiently fulfill its mission Mill Creek MetroParks is seeking proposals for the newly renovated Wick Recreation Center’s food and beverage operation. The prospective vendor will oversee the food operation at the Wick Recreation Area which includes the Wick Snack Hut and recreational leagues food & beverage requests. The Wick Snack Hut food and beverage operation encompasses multiple children’s playground areas, wet splash pad in the summer months, Par-3 golf course, tennis courts, volleyball courts, baseball fields, softball fields, dek hockey and a small banquet/party room. The food & beverage operations will commence during the in-season recreation months (May through September) as well as for the outdoor sled hill during the off-season months (December through March) when weather conditions are favorable for winter recreation. In addition, the food and beverage operator will have the option to help accommodate the Morley concert series food and beverage needs. There is also a potential for additional food and beverage offerings for pavilion picnic party rentals during due in-season months. Please see facility location map below.

General Information

Completed proposals for all services required as outlined within the request for proposal are to be submitted in PDF format via e-mail to by 4:30 pm local time on November 30, 2022.

Mill Creek MetroParks is not responsible for any cost incurred by prospective consultants/companies prior to the award and signing of a contract for the requested services. Mill Creek MetroParks reserves the right to award the total proposal, reject any or all proposals in whole or in part and to waive any informalities if, in their judgment, the best interest of Mill Creek MetroParks will be served.

All comments, questions and site visits can be coordinated and scheduled by contacting Brian Tolnar, Golf Director & Recreation, via phone: 330-719-2302 or via e-mail at

Project Location Map (via Google Maps):

Existing Aerial Photograph (via Google Maps):

Scope of Services:

The following outlines the scope of services to be provided as part of the proposal. All services are outlined in greater detail as part of the final agreement:

  • Term of Services
    o Initial agreement is for a three (3) year term
  • Food Operation Season
    • Summer Recreation (May through September)
    • Winter Recreation (December through February) weather pending
    • Open 7 Day per week, Weekends and Holidays
    • Option for availability during the months not listed above
  • Hours of Operation
    • Summer 11:00am to 7:00pm
    • Fall 12:00pm to 5:00pm
    • Winter 11:00 to 7:00pm
    • Hours of operation may be adjusted to meet demand with approval of MCMP.
    • Hours may be adjusted due to inclement weather
  • Food and Vendor Fees
    • Fees are to be set forth by the food and beverage operator
    • Food operator to abide by the Mill Creek MetroParks beverage service provider agreement
  • Supplying only said beverage products of service provider
  • Liability Insurance
    • Vendor will be required to provide liability insurance with limits as set forth by MCMP
  • Food Vendor License & Training
    • Vendor will be subject to all the requirements of obtaining and maintain the proper food license levels required by the state, city and local health department.
    • Employee food training classes and various required food safety courses will be the responsibility of the food vendor
  • Park Policies, Rules & Regulations
    • Vendor will be subject to all MetroParks policies, rules and regulations.

To be Provided by Mill Creek MetroParks (MCMP):

The following facilities and equipment is to be provided by Mill Creek MetroParks as part of the agreement:

  • Facility: Wick Recreation Area
    • Warm House
    • Restrooms (Separate Mens & Womens)
    • Utilities:
    o Electric Service
    o Water Service
    o Sewer Service
    o Refuse Service
    o Building Security System
    o Internet if needed
  • Wick Snack Hut
    • All equipment National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) approved
    All equipment below was purchased new during the fall of 2015
    o Snow cone machine
    o Popcorn machine
    o Hotdog roller machine
    o Nacho machine
    o Nacho cheese and soup warmer
    o Pizza warming rack
    o Ice machine
    o Microwave
    o Coffee and Cappuccino machine provided by Marlowe’s Coffee Service
    o Beverage cooler provided by the MetroParks beverage service provider
    o Snack racks and product displays
    o Sales window security scroll down
    o Building security system
  •  Storage Area
    • All equipment National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) approved
    All equipment below was purchased new during the fall of 2015
    o Refrigeration unit
    o Freezer unit
    o Dry food storage shelving
    o Fire extinguisher
    o Hand washing sink NSF approved
    o Three bay sink NSF approved
    o Paper towel and soap dispenser
    o GFI outlets

Exterior Facility Maintenance

  • MCMP will maintain all facilities during the term of the agreement.
  • MCMP will maintain all rest room facilities during the length of the agreement.
  • Vendor will be responsible for light custodial work of the interior operating space.

Note: All information provided above is preliminary and for general description purposes only. Prospective vendors are urged to perform site visits of each location to make themselves aware of current conditions.


To be Provided by Vendor:

The following equipment and related support services are to be provided by the Vendor:

  • Facility Location: Wick Recreation Area (REQUIRED)
    • High level of customer service
    • All food and menu offering needs
    • All beverage needs through the MetroParks beverage service provider partnership agreement
    o PepsiCo
    o Soda, Gatorade, Water, Energy Drinks, etc.
    • Wifi for business purposes only (if desired)
    • Advertising and promotions (if desired)

Vendor Application