Nature Preserves

Mill Creek Wildlife Sanctuary

This unique property was acquired with grant funds in 2005 and expanded in 2021 to total 482 acres of diverse wetland and upland habitats. It provides habitat for a vast array of wildlife and plant species, many of which are rare or threatened. Access to this sanctuary is limited to MetroParks educational programs; however, an elevated observation platform is open to the public and provides visitors with panoramic views of the property. 

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Vickers Nature Preserve

Vickers Nature Preserve consists of diverse habitats, including meadows, woodlands, wetlands, and ponds. There are also several small streams flowing through the Preserve that flow directly into Meander Creek just upstream of the Meander Reservoir.

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Sebring Woods

Sebring Woods consists primarily of floodplain forest and wooded wetlands interspersed with open marsh and upland habitats.

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Collier Preserve

Located in Boardman Township, the Collier Preserve consists of over 300 acres of upland and wetland habitats.

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MetroParks Farm Natural Areas

Over 150 acres of land at the Farm consists of woodland, meadow, shrub thicket, pond, and wetland habitats. Two small tributaries to Indian Run also flow throughout the Farm fields.

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McGuffey Wildlife Preserve

This 78-acre retreat is located on McGuffey Road in Coitsville Township.

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Hitchcock Woods

Hitchcock Woods is a densely wooded preserve spanning the Mill Creek corridor south of Boardman-Canfield Rd. (Route 224) in Boardman Township.

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Sawmill Creek Preserve

Sawmill Creek is a major tributary entering the Meander Reservoir, and protection of this important resource is one of the reasons that the Sawmill Creek Preserve was established.

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Egypt Swamp Preserve

This 57-acre preserve is comprised of wetlands, ponds, streams, and floodplains.

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Springfield Forest

This 88-acre property located in Springfield Township was acquired in 2021 through successful grant applications to the Clean Ohio Conservation Fund and partnership with Western Reserve Land Conservancy. Features of Springfield Forest include a new entry drive and 16-car parking lot, aggregate and primitive hiking trails, a fishing pier and boardwalk, scenic vistas, facility signage, a picnic area, and 20 acres of ecological restoration. Recreational activities on the property include hiking along the scenic trail system and fishing at the pier.

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Hawkins Marsh

This 161-acre park was acquired in 2022 in partnership with West Creek Conservancy and a successful grant application to the Clean Ohio Conservation Fund. A variety of unique natural habitats can be found on the property including the critically important category three wetlands. Visitors can enjoy picnicking, hiking, and birdwatching while meandering through the young woodlands and along the picturesque flowing creek.  

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