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‘Moments in Time’ photos on display in Weller Gallery at Mill Creek Park

There’s new art on display at Mill Creek MetroParks this winter.

The display, named Moments in Time, features photographs by the late Dr. W. Gordon.

The exhibit is located within the Weller Gallery inside the Davis Center at Fellows Riverside Gardens in Youngstown.

Gordon’s work captures the world of mankind with natural light while using minimal equipment to capture the subject and tell the story.

He spent his time as a street photographer, responding to what he could find rather than searching for a predetermined subject.

The photos speak for themselves and capture the complexity of everyday life.

The free exhibit is on display through March 26 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday.


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Multiple improvements set for Mill Creek Park for 2023

The Mill Creek Metroparks Board of Commissioners met on Monday to discuss many forthcoming improvements to the metroparks.

A PowerPoint presentation sent to 21 News by Mill Creek Metroparks Community Engagement Director, Jaime Yohman details what visitors can soon expect when visiting the metroparks.

One section of the presentation entitled “Strategic Master Plan” features two goals to improve the metroparks’ infrastructure and natural resources respectively.

One goal is to “create an effective capital improvement and maintenance plan to preserve the historical aspects of Mill Creek MetroParks as well as provide a safe and enjoyable experience.”

Another is to “enhance Mill Creek MetroParks’ management of natural resources through improved access of developed trails, opening new parks in underserved areas of the county, and incorporation of a natural resources management plan.”

In addition, the presentation listed several capital improvements coming soon to the metroparks. The list is as follows:

– Annual Road Improvements ($350,000 budgeted). These improvements will be for Chestnut Hill Drive, West Park Drive Phase II and Lily Pond Drive. These will improve vehicular, as well as bicycle and pedestrian traffic, as well as stormwater management. Additionally, the improvements would compliment recent trail and parking lot improvements. Work will include asphalt patching, planing and overlay paving, pavement markings and aggregate shoulders.

–  Annual Parking Lot Improvements ($225,000 budgeted). Improvements will go to the East Golf Hike and Bike Trail parking lot and will expand the number of parking spaces, improve vehicular, bike and pedestrian traffic, improve trailhead amenities and compliment recent trail and parking lot improvements. Work includes excavation, grading asphalt paving and pavement markings, signage bollard and gates. There will also be annual preventative maintenance including crack filling, sealing of asphalt trails and aggregate shoulders alongside park drives.

– Annual Trail Improvements ($229,000 budgeted). Improvements will go to the Mill Creek Park Hiking Trails, the Vickers Nature Preserve and the MetroParks Bikeway. The Hiking Trails will see improvement to trail surfacing, stormwater damage and infrastructure, signage and access. the Nature Preserve will see equestrian trail improvements and the Bikeway will see pavement repair, crack filling and asphalt overlay.

– Annual Signage Improvements ($25,000 budgeted). Improvements include facility signage for regional facilities, as well as Mill Creek Park road names and wayfinding signage for Newport and golf sections.

– Annual Pavilion Improvements ($25,000 budgeted). Improvements will go to the Vickers Nature Preserve and the Bears Den Service Facility. The Nature Preserve will see stable, office and pavilion improvements and the Service Facility will see building and roof repairs.

– Annual Comfort Station and Restroom Improvements ($75,000 budgeted) Improvements include the construction of a new precast concrete vault restrooms for East Golf Hike and Bike Trail. A new CXT restroom will be incorporated into the improved trailhead facility.

– Indoor Golf Training Facility ($350,000 budgeted). There will be three bays with golf simulators, a putting green, a club fitting area, an office, restrooms and a storage area.

– Vickers Nature Preserve Improvements ($350,000 budgeted). Improvements include vehicular, pedestrian and equestrian traffic improvements, a public parking lot, a truck and horse trailer parking lot, frontage treatment and curb appeal, stormwater management infrastructure, trail improvements and native plantings.

– Lanterman’s Mill Site Improvements ($11,000 budgeted). There will be mill entrance and deck improvements including repairs to the mill’s front entrance.

– MetroParks Farm Improvements ($50,000 budgeted). Improvements will be for the NCAA Cross Country Course Phase II and will include enhancements to the course including signage, utilities, markings amenities, final surfacing, etc. It will also provide access for use by public schools.

– Hawkins Marsh Site Improvements ($190,196 budgeted). These improvements will improve accessibility and include aggregate entry drive and parking lots, an improved trail system, habitat restoration and signage, kiosks and benches.

– Mill Creek Wildlife Sanctuary and Sanctuary Expansion Improvements ($75,000 budgeted). Improvements include habitat improvements, vegetative invasive species control and site and accessibility improvements.

– Collier Preserve Improvements ($20,000 budgeted). Improvements include habitat and site improvements, vegetative invasive species control and accessibility improvements.

– Fellows Riverside Gardens Improvements ($216,000 budgeted). The funds will go towards the Davis Education and Visitor Center, Rose Garden improvements including a children’s garden and FRG site improvements including restroom improvements.

– MetroParks Bikeway – Kirk Road Trailhead: $25,000 Budgeted for concept design.


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Nature center praised for upgrades

Ford Nature Center’s redevelopment project is among the Ohio Parks and Recreation Association’s 2022 annual Awards of Excellence winners.

Mill Creek MetroParks’ Ford center project placed second in the “capital improvement — $2.5 million and up” category of the competition.

These awards are judged by a panel of parks and recreation professionals from around Ohio.

“We are honored to be recognized for this capital improvement project and the vision of bringing enhanced nature education to the community while maintaining the historical and physical presence of the Ford Nature Center,” said Aaron Young, Mill Creek MetroParks executive director.

“With the redevelopment project completed, we are looking to put the finishing touches on the new exhibits and unveiling them to the public very soon.”

The redevelopment project’s main objective is to better serve nature education needs of the community. This was reached through improving, upgrading and expanding the facility’s function, all while maintaining its historical and physical presence.

Reconfiguration of interior spaces was needed to enhance and expand public programming with new and improved interpretive and interactive exhibits, interchangeable displays, and new wayfinding signage.

Improved accessibility was also a prominent change.

The grounds of the Ford Nature Center now strengthen the critical educational and recreational link between Mill Creek Park and the surrounding neighborhood. The connections between nature and humankind are on display both throughout the exterior and interior spaces of the center, officials said.

A new rooftop garden was installed above the new basement exhibit hall. A new wildflower meadow incorporating more than two dozen native flowers and grasses can be viewed from numerous perspectives.

Additionally, the formal landscape incorporated native plant species throughout all of the beds including the Ohio woodland garden and bird viewing area.

The Ohio Parks and Recreation Association strives to provide quality parks and recreation facilities and opportunities for all Ohioans while protecting and preserving Ohio’s natural resources, positively impacting local economies and health and wellness of its citizens.

Mill Creek Park was established in 1891 by Volney Rogers as the first park district in Ohio. In 1989, the diverse lands now known as Mill Creek MetroParks officially became a metropolitan park district. The mission of Mill Creek MetroParks is to provide park, recreational, educational, and open space facilities of regional significance.


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Road work to limit access to portions of Mill Creek MetroParks

Editor’s note: The headline of this story has been corrected to better describe access to the park during road work. We regret the error.

Work to improve and resurface a park drive in Mill Creek MetroParks will begin on Tuesday.

The northern section of East Newport Drive between Kreider’s Entrance and Kiwatha Drive will be closed to all vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Access to the East Newport Boat Launch and Daffodil Meadow will be prohibited.

Work to be conducted includes cleaning and planing of existing asphalt surfaces and placement of new asphalt pavement courses.

The closure is expected to last about two weeks. In the event of inclement weather, the work schedule will be delayed and adjusted accordingly.

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YSU students to plant over 1,600 trees at local park

On Thursday, Youngstown State University students will be planting 1,650 trees at Mill Creek MetroParks Collier Reserve.

According to a press release, the yearly project is part of the YSU Legacy Forests’ effort to reduce greenhouse gases by planting micro-forests in the Mahoning Valley.

YSU said that the goal is to plant one tree for every incoming YSU freshman. This planting represents a portion of the trees honoring the 2022 freshmen class.

The group partners with Mill Creek MetroParks to mitigate the climate crisis.


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Tree planting planned at Collier Preserve in Mill Creek Metroparks Thursday

Mill Creek Metroparks is teaming up with the YSU Legacy Forest Committee to plant 1,650 trees at the Collier Preserve in Mill Creek Metroparks on Thursday, November 17.

The event is part of an ongoing reforestation program at the Collier Reserve to help to reduce the effects of habitat loss and climate change in the Mahoning Valley.

The trees will begin being planted at noon on Thursday.


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Mill Creek Park seeks food, beverage vendor for Wick Warming House

Mill Creek Metroparks has big plans for building that once served as a place for ice skaters to warm up and sip from a mug of hot cocoa.

The park board this week announced that it is looking for vendors to serve food and beverages at the Wick Recreation Area, including what is still known by many as the Warming House.

The park is in the process of renovating the building to include space for varied public and private use.

The Wick Snack Hut will be inside the Warming House, catering to food and beverage needs of recreational leagues and those attending the Morley Concert Series.

The food operation will serve several children’s playground areas including a wet playground, Par-3 golf course, tennis courts, volleyball courts, baseball fields, softball fields, Dek hockey and a small banquet/party room.

The Wick Warming House Renovations are expected to be completed in 2023.

Completed proposals are to be submitted by November 30, 2022.

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Mill Creek MetroParks accepting vendor proposals for rec area

Officials with Mill Creek MetroParks are looking for a vendor to oversee the food and beverage operation at the Wick Recreation Area.

The station will be located inside the Wick Warming House — where renovations will be completed sometime next year.

The deadline for proposals is Nov. 30.


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Mill Creek MetroParks Projects Progressing

The Ford Nature Center redevelopment project is wrapping up, while the East Hike and Bike Trail project is just getting started.

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Next phase of bike trail to start as 3rd phase goes through court

Phase II of the Mill Creek MetroParks East Park Hike and Bike Trail is getting started.

Beginning Nov. 1, a staging area will be set up in the overflow parking lot near Lanterman’s Mill, but the lot will remain open for public use.

Phase II of the plan is a continuation of a project to increase safety for cyclists and pedestrians as they travel through the East Park Corridor. It includes an 8-foot wide paved asphalt trail that extends from US-224 in Boardman Township to Old Furnace Road in Youngstown. The work should take about 60 days.

Phase III of the project, which will extend the trail into Green Township, is making its way through the court system. The Ohio Supreme Court is hearing an appeal by the Board of Commissioners of the Mill Creek Metropolitan Park District after a lower court ruled that it can not claim eminent domain in using property owned by Diane Less for the trail.

Less is one of 13 landowners whose property is needed for the trail.

The appeal was filed May 5 and was accepted by the Ohio Supreme Court Sept. 14. No further court dates have been set.


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