New rules at Mill Creek Park expand access to fishing

Changes are coming to Mill Creek Park.

Fishers are now allowed to fish at Lake Cohasset without a permit from the park.

They still have to follow the rules for fishing under Ohio’s law.

This is part of the park’s expansion and inclusion vision of adding more at the park.

Park officials hope to make the park more natural and remove signs from certain areas. What they’re hoping is that people respect this new rule and clean up after themselves.

“I think anytime that you can broaden recreational opportunities for people here in the Valley, it’s a positive, and I think in this instance, there were zero potential negative outcomes with regards to the rule change. That’s a win-win for everyone,” said Mill Creek MetroParks Executive Director Aaron Young.

There are some exceptions to this new rule: Fishers still cannot fish in the Lily Pond and some smaller ponds in the park.

Those will still be marked by signs.

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