Colorful leaves signal more than change of season

We are beginning to see some color in the leaves around the area, but peak season for fall foliage is a few weeks away.

Lynn Zocolo with Mill Creek MetroParks said some leaves are now starting to turn from green to brilliant reds and yellows and other colors, especially further north towards Lake Erie.

Some of the early color is due to environmental stresses trees endured over the course of the summer.

“We had many hot days in a row. We had rain here and there. We had a lot of rain and then a little rain. It was inconsistent, so I think some of the changes we’re starting to see right now are coming from plants and trees that are stressed out. They are reacting to protect themselves,” Zocolo said.

The “near-peak” and “peak” periods for foliage locally should be around the October 1, a little sooner closer to the lake and later further to the south.

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