Metro Park Farms shows off newest members

The Mill Creek Metro Parks hosted a special Tales for Tots event featuring baby animals.

Two to three-years-olds and their families traveled to the Metro Park Farms to see the newest members of the farm community.

Naturalist Brenda Markley hosted the event which was attended by more than 11 children.

“We want to show case spring coming to the park by spot lighting our youngest farm animals,” Markley said.

To kick off the event Markley read the group “Sounds on the Farm.”

Children assisted in the reading of the book by echoing the sounds farm animals make as Markley read.

After reading about the animals children and their families took a trip to the barn where they got to meet them.

Children were able to pet ducklings and rabbits as Markley held them.

Community members were even able to meet a 2-month-old pig, Peter Porker, who is brand new to the farm.

“We just have a lot of new members of the farm community,” Markley said.

The Metro Parks Farm is open weekly for community members who want to come and see the animals themselves.

“We are always excited for this time of year,” Markley said. “It’s when the farm really comes alive.”

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