12 Swing Faults

    1. S-Posture – This posture is caused by the golfer creating too much arch in the lower back and by sticking the tail bone out too much in the setup position.
    2. C-Posture – This posture occurs when the golfer’s shoulders are slumped forward at address and there is roundness in the back from the tail bone to the back of the neck.
    3. Loss of Posture – This occurs when there is any significant alteration in the golfer’s original set up angles during the golf swing.
    4. Flat Shoulder Plane – This occurs when the shoulders turn more on a horizontal plane than the axis of the original spine angle.
    5. Early Extension – This occurs when the lower body does not rotate thru impact. Instead, the lower body pushes forward towards the golf ball.
    6. Over the Top – This occurs when the golfer’s arms lead the downswing, causing a very steep angle into the golf ball.
    7. Sway – This fault is caused by any excessive lower body lateral movement away from the target during the backswing forcing the weight to the outside of the back foot.
    8. Slide – This fault is caused by any excessive lower body lateral movement toward the target during the downswing.
    9. Reverse Spine Angle – This occurs when there is any excessive upper body backward bend or excessive left lateral upper body bend during the backswing.
    10. Hanging Back – This occurs when a golfer does not shift his or her weight correctly back onto the lead side on the downswing.
    11. Casting – This fault is caused by any premature release of the wrist angles during the downswing and through impact.
    12. Chicken Wing – This fault is caused by a loss of extension or breakdown of the lead elbow through the impact area.

Listen to What the Pros Say About Golf Fitness!

Legs are the Foundation of the Swing

“Since legs provide the foundation for a golf swing, I would recommend the following exercises to help you build a solid base: extensions, curls, presses, plus regular squats or hack squats. The last are probably the single most important exercise for building strong legs.”

Tiger Woods – How I Play Golf – 2001
Upper Body is your Swing’s Engine
“You have to keep it fine-tuned to maximize performance. I want mine operating on all cylinders in the heat of competition.”

Tiger Woods – How I Play Golf – 2001

Good Balance gives your swing a strong, solid base
“Good balance is a must when you’re playing on windy days, or hitting from uneven lies and bunkers. If your body is stable, it’ll be easier to get the clubface in the right position on these types of shots.”

Annika Sorenstam – Golf Annika’s Way – 2004