Mill Creek MetroParks seeking public assistance in deer population issue

Mill Creek MetroParks is seeking the public’s input to help with the deer population within the MetroParks.

According to data released by the parks, Mill Creek is averaging 387 deer per square mile. The recommended population density is 10 to 20 deer per square mile.

Yellow Creek Park in Struthers averages the most deer per square mile, with 674, and Sebring Woods following second with 607 deer per square mile.

Data found in the study concluded that the deer population within the park is 19 times the recommended carrying capacity, which can lead to significant negative impacts to both the health of the deer population and the ecological biodiversity of the land as well as increased human conflicts.

Due to the deer population, the parks is working towards the development of a long-term management plan to address the issue, and is asking the community for their input.

To provide input to the park, members of the community can log onto the MetroParks website to provide feedback and comment on the issue.

They also have a QR code available to scan on their website.

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