Mill Creek MetroParks using fire to improve park

Mill Creek Metroparks is using fire in Boardman Thursday for what’s called prescribed burn.

They’re doing it to make the park healthier.

WKBN was there at the corner of Tippecanoe Road and Western Reserve Road. The area is known as “Collier Preserve.”

The fire will help get rid of any unwanted invasive bugs, plus help reduce thatch build-up. It also gets rid of woody growth.

“It’s an effort to really improve the native grasses that are here to get rid of some of the thatch, to encourage the seeds that are in the soil base to really invigorate them and get a really nice native 45-acre prairie,” said Just Roberts, planning and operations director of Mill Creek MetroParks.

Organizers hope this prescribed burn will be wrapped up Thursday.

Davey Resource Group out of Kent helped with the project.


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