Exhibit at Fellows Riverside Gardens Highlights Critical Connections Between Owls and Woodpeckers

A new exhibit at Fellows Riverside Gardens, The Owl & the Woodpecker, introduces visitors to the most important species of owls and woodpeckers in North America, using spectacular photos and informative text to illustrate how these birds define and enrich the specific habitats on which they depend, and to highlight the critical importance of conserving those habitats. The Owl & the Woodpecker―a traveling exhibit from the Burke Museum, Seattle―is on view at Fellows Riverside Gardens Weller Gallery from March 4 – May 21.  The Owl & the Woodpecker is based on a book of the same title by Seattle photographer and author Paul Bannick. Bannick is known for his intimate wildlife photography, which supports environmental conservation efforts.  His work has appeared in Audubon magazine, the National Wildlife Federation Guide to North American Birds, Smithsonian Guide to North American Birds, and in many other books, magazines, parks, refuges, and other places in North America and Europe.

The Owl & the Woodpecker: Photographs by Paul Bannick was organized by the Burke Museum,

University of Washington, created with Paul Bannick and Braided River, a partner of The Mountaineers

Books. Sponsorship of the local presentation of The Owl & the Woodpecker was provided by the John S. and Doris M. Education Endowment through the Friends of Fellows Riverside Gardens.