Flowers near peak bloom at Daffodil Meadow in Mill Creek Park

If a trip to Daffodil Meadow in Mill Creek Park is part of your spring plans, you should know the blooms have pretty much peaked.

With a lot of sunshine and a little breeze, Daffodil Meadow Friday afternoon had a steady stream of visitors.

You’ll find it on the east side of Lake Newport.

The meadow was created in 1933 by the Garden Club of Youngstown, which paid $40 for 8,000 bulbs.

“You can’t help but smile when you get here. I call it ‘dancing with the daffodils’ because look how they’re moving and swaying in the wind. It truly does make your heart smile,” said Lynn Zocolo, with Mill Creek MetroParks.

Daffodil Meadow should remain in bloom until about May 1, after which you can visit Fellows Riverside Garden to check out the tulips.

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