On behalf of all of us at Mill Creek MetroParks, we would like to thank the residents of Mahoning County for supporting our levy. Your support will enable us to continue to build the legacy left to us by Volney Rogers for you, your family, and future generations.

Our Mission

The mission of Mill Creek MetroParks is to provide park, recreational, and open space facilities of regional significance. In fulfilling this mission our objectives are: to be responsive to community needs, to be environmentally sound, to be adaptable, and to be economically feasible.

Our Funding

  • Mill Creek MetroParks is debt free!
  • The current levy is the only operating levy and provides approximately 72% of the General Fund
  • Park District Activity Fees provide approximately 23% of the General Fund
  • The current levy is based upon 2001 Property Values and expires in 2016

Current Levy Facts

  • Term: 15 years (expires in 2016)
  • Millage: 1.75 mills (at 2001 property values)
  • Revenue: $6,527,006/year (approximately)
  • Reductions: Residential properties receive a 10% rollback & a 2.5% owner occupied rollback.
  • Example: $100,000 assessed property value equals (=) approx. $50.24 per year in taxes.

Proposed Levy Facts

  • Term: 15 years (would expire in 2031)
  • Millage: 1.75 mills (at 2001 property values) and .25 mills (at 2015 property values)
  • Revenue: $7,599,144/year (approximately)
  • Reductions: Current levy rollbacks would remain for the 1.75 mills; Residential properties would still receive a 10% rollback & a 2.5% owner occupied rollback. Current levy rollbacks would not be applicable to the .25 additional mills.
  • Example: $100,000 assessed property value equals (=) approx. $58.99 per year in taxes.

Why this Option?

  • This option provides the best balance of providing MCMP with adequate long term sustainability potential while minimizing the financial impact to residents (2030)
  • Allows us to be sustainable, but requires us to continue to be Organized, Efficient & Proactive
    • Assumes Maintaining Leveraging History of 50% Acquired Via Grants, Foundations, Etc.

Our Capital Improvement Needs: 2016-2030

  • Road & Bridge Improvements
  • Parking & Signage Improvements
  • Trail Improvements
  • Dam & Watershed Improvements
  • Ford Nature Center Renovation
  • Lanterman’s Mill Wheel Restoration
  • Lily Pond Improvements
  • MetroParks Bikeway-Phase III
  • Wick Recreation Area Master Plan
  • Fellows Riverside Gardens Master Plan
  • Mill Creek Golf Course Improvements
  • MetroParks Farm Improvements
  • Volney Rogers Field Improvements
  • Yellow Creek Lodge Renovation Plan
  • Pioneer Pavilion Improvement Plan
  • Wildlife & Habitat Management

Our Support

People For MetroParks Political Action Committee
Attn: Mark Graham
335 Sleepy Hollow Drive
Canfield, OH 44406

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