Mill Creek Metro Park’s Winter Celebration holds opening

Mill Creek Metro Park’s annual Winter Celebration held its opening day Saturday.

The event was at the Fellows Riverside Gardens in Youngstown. It is also sponsored by WKBN 27 First News.

This is Mill Creek Metro Park’s nineteenth annual Winter Celebration. The theme this year is Magical Woods.

“Which is where the fairies, the gnomes and the trolls live, and as you can see, we have a lovely tree house where they’re residing as well,” said Lynn Zocolo, an educator from Mill Creek Metro Park.

They also have an enchanted forest where visitors can find mythical creatures.

“So we’re talking about dragons, unicorns, of course you know unicorns are real because we know what they look like, right? We have phoenix, the bird that rises from the ashes and my favorite, Big Foot,” Zocolo said.

The creations found at Mill Creek Metro Park did not magically appear.

“Thanks to some wonderful volunteers working diligently since July, they have put together the magic and the mystic of what you may find in the Magical Woods,” Zocolo said.

She says this is their way of giving back to the community.

“And thanking them for their support throughout the year, for Fellows Riverside Garden, for Mill Creek Metro Parks, because without the people of the Valley, we couldn’t do it,” Zocolo said.

If you want to experience the Magical Woods, the doors open Tuesday through Sunday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Every Saturday until December 28, the Gardens will be open until 7 p.m. for guests.

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