Mill Creek MetroParks accepting applications for farm leases

Mill Creek MetroParks is accepting proposals for farming operations at the MetroParks Farm.

Proposals are due by noon Sept. 28. Copies of the required lease agreement forms can be acquired by contacting Aaron Young, executive director, at 330-702-3000 or

Submitted proposals must include the following:

  • A completed farm lease agreement; including proposed price per acre;
  • A copy of the required insurance certificates. (See lease agreement);
  • A copy of a current workers compensation certificate;
  • A completed statement of qualifications including farming education, experience, certifications, training and memberships;
  • A completed list of all farm equipment owned/leased by the submitting party;
  • A list of three references from property owners who have leased farming rights to the submitting party;
  • A list of all acreage to be farmed in addition to the MetroParks Farm during the same time period.

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