Mill Creek MetroParks approves plans for infrastructure improvements

Mill Creek MetroParks is using their multi-million dollar capitol improvement budget to fix the 130-year plus park’s aging infrastructure.

Board members approved 4 million dollars to help improve safety and accessibility throughout the park.

The plan is to make improvements to driving and hiking trails, as well as update recreational areas.

The park is also using the money to get started on some exciting new programs for the new year.

“We hope to open up the Wick Recreation Center here in a couple months,” said Justin Rogers, Director of Planning and Operations for Mill Creek MetroParks, “We have a new NCAA court that will open up this year, that will be YSU’s home court, so we’re happy about that.”

The park will also use parts of the 4 million dollar budget to build a pavilion in the Vickers Nature Preserve.

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