More facility upgrades coming to Mill Creek Park

More restroom facilities in Mill Creek Park will be closed in the coming weeks as the existing structures are replaced with new ones.

The two facilities at the East Golf Hike & Bike Trail near Shields Road will be closed starting Monday. The current restrooms are scheduled to be demolished and replaced with a new, prefabricated concrete restroom.

The anticipated project duration is approximately three weeks.

The East Golf Hike & Bike Trail will remain open throughout the project. Access to the adjacent Sheilds Road parking lot will be maintained throughout the project; however, intermittent closures for demolition/construction activities are to be expected.

In the event of closures, trail users are encouraged to utilize the parking lots near Boardman-Canfield Road and West Golf Drive.

A similar project took place at the beginning of February with the replacement of the Newport Wetlands facilities.


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