ODNR Division of Wildlife to Release Rainbow Trout at Mill Creek MetroParks

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Wildlife is scheduled to deliver approximately 2,500 catchable-size rainbow trout to Lake Glacier Boathouse on the morning of Thursday, April 16.

When the truck arrives, Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) officials will attach plastic tubes to the side of the tank, open the gates behind the tubes, and water containing the trout will pour out through the tubes and into Lake Glacier. The release is over quickly, though the difference in water temperatures between the truck and lake usually put the fish into a brief state of shock so there may be an opportunity to see them up close before they swim away.

ODNR Division of Wildlife officials are authorized to inspect all catches and anglers must have the required state licenses. Those wishing to catch trout are reminded that:

  • Licenses are required and Mill Creek MetroParks Police officers are authorized to check for them
  • Foul-hooks are not permitted
  • There is a limit of 5 trout per angler per day
  • Fish are donated by the ODNR Division of Wildlife

For more information about Mill Creek MetroParks and fishing/boating season, visit our website at www.millcreekmetroparks.org. For information about Ohio fishing license requirements/stocking program, visit ODNR’s website at http://wildlife.ohiodnr.gov.