Stuffed animals spend the night

Mill Creek Metro Parks hosted its first stuffed animal sleep over on March 15.

Nine children ages 5-10 attended the event with an adult, and their favorite stuffed friend.

Lynn Zocolo, a metro parks employee, said the event was a fun way for children to engage with the Metro Parks Farm.

Zocolo, along with Brenda Markley and other parks employees, hosted the event.

“It’s a very cute idea, we do something special with them after the kids leave for the night,” Zocolo said.

Children enjoyed snacks with their stuffed friends while they watched “The Cat and the Hat.”

After the movie, children tucked their stuffed friend in for the night.

According to Zocolo that’s when the magic began.

“We have our magical leprechaun helpers coming around and the Cat and the Hat stirring up trouble, none of the stuffed animals got any sleep that night,” Zocolo said.

When children returned for breakfast the following morning they were able to wake up their stuffed friend.

The received a photo booklet of all of the fun things their friend did at the sleep over the night before.

Stuffed animals were seen playing follow the leader, raiding the fridge for snacks and staying up way past their bed time.

“It’s just a very fun thing. A lot of the libraries have held similar events and we just thought it would be a great addition to the park,” Zocolo said.

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