WATCH: Workers rescue painted turtles abandoned at Mill Creek Park’s Lily Pond

Thanks to some hard-working Mill Creek MetroPark workers, several turtles have been rescued from abusive actions that threatened the reptiles’ lives.

Park officials reported on Facebook late last week that someone painted the shells of pet turtles before releasing them into the park’s Lily Pond.

Wildlife experts say turtles use their shells to regulate their body temperature and support their internal organs. Painting a turtle’s shell can disrupt this balance and cause several health problems, such as skin irritation, respiratory issues, and even death in extreme cases.

The chemicals in paint can also be toxic to turtles and can seep into their bodies through their skin, leading to poisoning and other health issues.

In addition, officials note that it is against park regulations to abandon any household pet or any other animal on park district land.

The park’s Natural Resources Manager and two members of the education staff went to work immediately on the tedious process of removing paint from the turtle’s shells.

The park posted a video of the paint removal and the return of the turtles to the pond on Facebook.

Suspicious activity may be reported to the Mill Creek MetroParks Police Office at 330-740-7102.

Read the original article and watch the video at WFMJ.