When e-bikes are coming to Mill Creek

Electric bikes are gaining popularity in the Valley and a program called Cruise the Creek is expanding its operations into Mill Creek to fulfill the need. However many have raised questions about the environmentally-friendly alternative and how it works.

“Get on an e-bike before you make a judgment call about it,” Cruise the Creek operator Patrick Simms said.

He’s going into his third year. He has 17 electric bikes to rent to people and said though the hobby is growing, it brings a lot of questions.

“E-bikes are kind of like the ugly sister of the biking community a little bit just because, you know, they have a motor and people…they have different opinions about it,” he said.

The e-bikes have a few speeds but can’t reach more than 15 mph. They are allowed on the Mill Creek trails.

As long as you pedal – the bike helps you out. Simms said it’s a great way to make exercise more accessible.

“If you’re pedaling with the bike, you’re getting some form of exercise. And that’s more than a lot of people are getting right now,” he said.

This year, Cruise the Creek has expanded into a spot off the Mill Creek Metroparks Kirk Road Trailhead by the bikeway in addition to their spot off Bears Den.

They encourage you to use the bikes to enjoy the parks.

“With e-bikes, it kind of gives you that extra motivation to keep going further because you’re getting assistance with the motor and you’re able to see all the destinations that you wanted to see,” Simms said.

Their rental season starts May 1.


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