Year-round Dek hockey rink installed at Mill Creek Park

Working through the heat of Tuesday’s late morning and early afternoon, employees from the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation built a hockey rink at Mill Creek Park that players can use even during hot days like this.

It’s not ice hockey, but something known as Dek Hockey.

A busload of workers came to the Wick Recreation Area on Tuesday to build a Dek Hockey rink on the same site as the old ice rink that closed more than fifteen years ago.

Players can wear inline skates or just regular sneakers to hit a ball into a net.

The rink even has an electronic scoreboard.

Mill Creek Park officials will announce an opening date in the future.

The effort is part of the foundation’s quest to grow the sport of hockey at the grassroots level for both youth and adults.

So far the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation has built 13 outdoor, multi-use athletic facilities. Adding the rink in Mill Creek Park will increase that number to 14.

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